Out of the Office

June 14th, 2014

For now, I’m putting my camera on the shelf. In other words, I’m going on a photography hiatus of sorts—a sabbatical. 

My relationship with photography began not too long after meeting my husband Brad. He actually introduced me to the camera and the idea of freezing time. Something supernatural would happen when I would pick up my camera and bring it to mine open eye. I would see things I wouldn’t ordinarily see, things I felt only I could see. And when I would look at the film for the first time, what I felt was happening, did in fact happen. There was proof in the emulsion of silver on the film. And it was only I who originally saw it.

It was that duplication of what only mine eyes saw that lead me to pursue photography. I felt I had a perspective all my own and to share it with others was my life’s purpose. Or so I thought. Until my my life was forever changed. My perspective changed. My eyes opened. No longer did I need my camera to see these things. My eyes alone could see what only my eyes and camera could see before. But now the camera was blocking my view.

My photography hiatus of sorts will involve using my eyes to experience life as it should be seen—seeing all of the potential and possibilities in others. No longer will I be a spectator but a participator. It was the good Lord who gifted me these eyes and the good Lord will sustain me. He has shown me that my perspective will continue to shift for the better, in only seeing the good, seeing all of the potential and possibilities in others, similar to the eyes He looks at us with. That shift in my perspective, in seeking only the light in others, will only strengthen my sight and bring me to take up the camera once again, refreshed.

For now, I’m putting my camera on the shelf. In other words, I’m going on a photography hiatus of sorts—a sabbatical. Sabbatical comes from the Hebrew word Sabbath, which literally means a ceasing. On the seventh day, God ceased creating and rested and then admired what He created. And that’s exactly what I plan to do—admire His creation and take it all in, as a participator not a spectator.



[LOVE] A very MJ Marriage Proposal

September 24th, 2013

What began as a seemingly sweet picnic for two at sunset became an elaborate marriage proposal complete with family members, sky lanterns, a generator, and a handmade billboard of lights. Yes, all of that, in that order, in the middle of a field, all in the name of love.

Do your eyes a favor and take a peek at Jonathan’s marriage proposal to Madison. You certainly won’t regret it; your eyes will even thank you.

Oh, and did I mention Jonathan is my younger brother? I was one of those recruited family members asked to help him carry out his vision for the evening, but I was holding a camera not a sky lantern (or a generator switch like my dad was). Outside of the smitten, picnicking couple we—immediate family members of both Jonathan and Madison’s families—all had our designated tasks.

I am proud to have contributed by way of photography. You see, I remember best when I’m photographing, and this is an evening I don’t want to forget.

[LIFE] Adalyn is 2!

September 24th, 2013

Not only did my brother propose in the last few weeks but my niece also turned two! There was a party with decorations and everything; you should’ve been there. Much like Adalyn’s first birthday party, there was no shortage of family, friends, cake, and gifts the second time around. In fact, there was even an addition this year—Adalyn’s baby brother, Dylan! He was born two months ago and is growing fast.

Before the birthday festivities began of cake eating and gift opening, we ventured out into the backyard for a pre-party play session, and I, of course, brought my camera along. What kind of photographer aunt would I be if I hadn’t?

Despite Adalyn’s many attempts of beginning her second birthday grumpily, a game of hide-and-seek with dad led to a day of smiles and laughs. You better believe I was thankful I brought my camera along.



July 24th, 2013

Welcome to the Britney Shryer Photography blog. I’m Britney Shryer and not only am I a photographer, but I’m also a wife, an active Instagram user, a self-proclaimed comedian (at least my husband and friends agree), an avid tea drinker, and a proud porch gardener. I am typically an introvert but with my camera in-hand I become an extrovert, energized and inspired by you. So let’s do this. Together.