[LOVE] A very MJ Marriage Proposal

What began as a seemingly sweet picnic for two at sunset became an elaborate marriage proposal complete with family members, sky lanterns, a generator, and a handmade billboard of lights. Yes, all of that, in that order, in the middle of a field, all in the name of love.

Do your eyes a favor and take a peek at Jonathan’s marriage proposal to Madison. You certainly won’t regret it; your eyes will even thank you.

Oh, and did I mention Jonathan is my younger brother? I was one of those recruited family members asked to help him carry out his vision for the evening, but I was holding a camera not a sky lantern (or a generator switch like my dad was). Outside of the smitten, picnicking couple we—immediate family members of both Jonathan and Madison’s families—all had our designated tasks.

I am proud to have contributed by way of photography. You see, I remember best when I’m photographing, and this is an evening I don’t want to forget.


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